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what do we do exactly?

One Page Closer

One Page Closer is a community service project that aims to provide fully stocked bookcases to children and teens in low-income communities in Miami, Florida. Primarily intended for teens, each bookcase will be stocked with donated books or books purchased with donated dollars. In addition, every bookcase will have twelve We Need Diverse Books as well as an OPC collection, an assortment of YA titles hand picked by Executive Director and book blogger, Kaina Lisibach. The primary aim with this project is not only to provide enjoyable literature to young individuals who might not have access to these books otherwise, but to also foster readers for life, improving reading comprehension and literacy in the process.

There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.

Frank Serafini

what is an

OPC Collection?

An OPC Collection is a series of handpicked YA books that will be present in every bookcase donated. They showcase the best of YA literature and are great introducers to the genre. It is through the reading of these novels that we hope to foster the readers of tomorrow.


What is We Need Diverse Books?

We Need Diverse Books is a campaign dedicated to highlighting the best of diverse literature for children and teens and to heightening awareness through continued education. Their focus is solely on works for children, with a commitment to continue to highlight and honor children’s books that celebrate the lives of all young readers, their families, and communities. As an extension of the OPC Collection each One Page Closer bookcase will have 12 YA novels that feature diversity.


the person behind the literary initiative

Founder, Kaina Lisibach


Kaina Lisibach is a student at Babson College and founder of One Page Closer. A lifelong lover of stories, Kaina has been reviewing books at These Flying Pages since 2012. She’s a relatively normal person by day, compulsive reader and Netflix watcher by night and believes with every ounce of her being that Wi-fi is a fundamental component of her existence.

Why Start This?

For Kaina, literature has always been a method of escape–a permanent fixture in the consistency of her short days–the best companion on 2 am nights, and the most reliable friend. All the books that sit on her overflowing shelves have played some significant role in her life. Whether it be that of a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a much needed hand of comfort, or a wake up call. Every novel that has graced her hands have all parted with relatively similarity; instilling a bit of wisdom with each closing chapter.

And so, to realize that there are kids out there missing out on all of this–because of their socio-economic backgrounds or circumstances–commanded Kaina to action. To do something to help, to make the enjoyable literature that hooked her on reading in the first place accessible to others. To make some sort of impact, whether it be on one or five hundred individuals, every person counts.

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